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FIFA 17 will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from Thursday 29 September. Among the novelties of this year, EA Sports renewed its techniques to score.Thus, the days can make new styles of strikes as stitched heads.

But a British expert youtubeur Fifa nicknamed Kosh has already identified a bug in the game. Indeed, it has found a way to score goals every time. To do this, we must focus at the last moment before the ball not deductible the outer goal line.The technique would also work on corners in two stages. The goalkeeper does not have time to react and the defenders are too far. Discover the tutorial below.

Kosh reveals a bug in FIFA 17

In addition to bug that EA Sports will probably correct, football fans find the twelve playable clubs from the demo: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter, Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, Seattle Sounders FC , Bayern Munich, UANL Tigres (Mexico) and Gamba Osaka (Japan). New stadiums will also be available.



Here we give you tips on how to defend better in FIFA 17. In addition to this article, we have written several other articles that specific parts of the defense further out, for example, learn how you can defend FIFA corner or how you crosses wins .

Opportunity to defend in FIFA

Let's start with tips for the different ways you can defend FIFA 17:

Normal tackle
When there is a space between your player and your opponent, you can by pressing the button tackle the leg of your player sticking to the ball. This can put the best when your player to the attacking player stands (which will run to your player) or your player to the player with the ball running. Here it is important that there is too much space between your player and the player from your opponent when you tackle button. If there is too much space between the two players, you will not hit the ball and takes a while for your player again can put in a tackle. This allows the player your opponent is your player easily passed.

Sliding challenge
The deployment of a good sliding challenge is difficult, but very effective. If you want to take away through a sliding challenge the ball from the player of your opponent, it is important that you have enough space. The left analog stick to move in the right direction while sliding challenge (to the ball) you curl the feet of your player around the ball. This increases the chance that you eventually get the ball on the right side. Also you can use the sliding challenge to intercept an Easter. It is particularly important to pay close attention to which side is played to the ball.

It is advisable to use a sliding challenge too often in succession. After all, it takes a while before you can do something again tackle after performing a sliding tackle with the player, with the result that your opponent gets too much space. Nor is it advisable to use a sliding tackle in the 16th, this increases the risk of a penalty ie significantly.

with the left analog trigger your player can run in addition to the attacker, also known as jockeying. This allows you advocate stays with the attacker in the area and have more time to time you challenge the right time. Very useful for example to delay a winger. Jockeying both be used in a stationary player like a moving player.

Call a second player in
FIFA 17 you can on the PlayStation 3 and RB on the Xbox 360 with R1 easily recall a second player. This is very useful when a situation lasts too long or your opponent is in a position where he can shoot. Please note: if you do this too often you get opponent a lot of space elsewhere. Like the slide tackle, it is important not to use too often this row.

Since FIFA 12 it is possible to enter into the fight with a player from your opponent. If you run alongside a player can get with round on the PlayStation 3 or B on the Xbox 360, this player nudge. This is ideal to get the speed out of the game of your opponent. The closer you are to the player from your opponent, the harder you push. Keep in mind that the probability of an offense thus increases. It is therefore advisable to use it may not be in the 16 to avoid a penalty.

Tap into the tactics of your opponent

Responding to the tactics of opponents is important to reduce the chance of a goal against. Look for patterns in attack your opponent and try then here to play in. If your opponent uses a lot of skill moves, then choose, for example, to use a lot of jockeying. If your opponent often uses lobes, make sure your defenders and midfielders far enough to the rear. If your opponent is often a high cross bet, make sure you fullbacks in time to come in. For example, try to intercept the ball assess to which player your opponent is going to play the ball. The better your opponent, the harder it is generally to predict an attack.

How do you put your opponents?

Have you ever wondered how it is that your opponent online with one after the other player stormed? From now you can also yourself! During a match, the tactics 'high pressure' (on the D-Pad first arrow and then left arrow) to put your opponent under pressure. A milder variant is the tactic 'team pressure (on the D-pad arrow up first and then down arrow). Then you run continuously with your players to the players of your opponents, and try to steal the ball.

This tactic can be used well when you urgently need to make a goal and may be used in combination with the ultra atacking 'tactics (double right arrow). A drawback of pressurizing your opponent is that you give your opponent a lot of space. This means that you not only your chances of scoring increased, but also the chance of a goal against.

More tips for better defending in FIFA 17

Apart from the above tips there are some other tips that can help to better defend in FIFA 17:

Not always racing: If you continue with your players rate not only tired, but you'll often run past your opponent around making your defense will lie open. Furthermore you have when you're running short on time to properly perform a tackle.
Do not use a tackle in a one-on-one or one-on-two situation: if you're in a situation where you do not have one more player to defend the use of a tackle the worst thing you can do. Use the previously described "jockeying" for your opponent to slow down and other players can help.
Have patience: enough patience is very important for a good defense in FIFA 17. If you have too much focus on building an attack, the chances are your defenders to quickly walk down the attackers of your opponents and fail tackles. However, defense is at least as important as attacks. Make sure you wait for the right moment to pounce and your information remains intact as much as possible.
Start with a ball to the side: if you want to play the ball to one of your supporters at a re-start, you can choose the best for a fullback. This not only ensures that the chance your opponent the ball into stripping at a position in which that can score reduced, but also ensures that you can run immediately.From here you can choose to move the ball to the Middelveld or directly to set up an attack from a wing tip.
Put stop play if needed:  sometimes it is necessary to create an offense or shooting the ball over the line. At that time your players again take the right position and place you attack your opponent flat.




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